As if we needed a reason to indulge in a little tequila with our tacos, but did you know that drinking tequila in small doses is actually good for your health? Yes, you read right. Tequila is good for you.

Here’s why it’s OK to indulge in some shots every so often.

1. Tequila aids digestion

The agave tequila plant contains high levels of insulin, which induces better digestion by growing good bacteria. To boost their metabolism, some people take a shot before a meal.

2. It can control blood sugar and assist weight loss

The American Chemical Society conducted research that revealed that the sugar contained in the agave plant called agavins helps lower blood sugar. Agavins also help people feel fuller and thus eat less, which of course assists with weight loss.

3. It’s good for your bones

The Centre for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico conducted a study that concluded that drinking a substance in the tequila plant, agave tequilana, improves the absorption of calcium and magnesium, minerals which can boost bone health.

4. It can help you sleep better

Small amounts of white liquor reportedly calm the nerves, relaxes the body and is helpful for insomniacs. However one should not become dependent on it.

5. It’s a probiotic too

Tequila’s fructans are known to supply probiotics to the body that in essence boost your immune system.

6. It can numb pain

When tequila enters the body, it dilates the blood vessels and helps transport blood to all of our body parts, lessening body pain.

At the Aztec, we have a large variety of Tequilas on the menu, so next time you visit, ask about our “Tequila Flights” – it could actually be good for your health.